That was then, this is now


Yago Hortal

"This is the first work that was completed in the new atelier in Poblenou and one of the last ones that I had begun in the old studio in Sant Pere neighbourhood. It emerged on the premise of insisting on reaching a final result which I could be comfortable with regardless of the layers or skins of paint that are laid upon each other. This is something rare in earlier works, where the application of the paint is much more direct, almost like a gesture of thought. We can see a first layer that could have led to a completely different work but was insufficient at the time. The validation of error is part of the pictorial process and, to put it another way, painting is a process of acceptance of error. It is a transition towards a certain benevolence with the medium itself. The use of colour here gives a glimpse of my intentions towards more natural tones such as graphite, charcoal black and ultramarine blue, which feature in my latest works". Yago Hortal