That was then, this is now

H+H 3

Yago Hortal

"This artwork is the result of a collaboration with Peter Halley (New York, 1953) and was made as part of the joint exhibition Halley meets Hortal, shown at the Galeria Senda in winter 2016. Halley is one of the most influential artists on the international scene and the promoter of the so-called neo-geo movement in the eighties. Although he uses geometry as the fundamental basis for his works, he always maintains its figurative reference: space and time in our society, its political and social base, the closed order in which we live. In my case, such themes emerge in a more spontaneous and visceral way. By means of a digital back and forth, we made five collaborative works with the aim of reaching a common point with our languages. Geometric rationality mixes with the expressiveness of the gesture, and vice versa. In this work we can see how the stains seem to want to escape from the cells, opening up a new path and establishing relationships between the expressive use of industrial colours that are so characteristic of both of us". Yago Hortal