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Pep Duran transforma decorats en fotocollages al Museu Can Framis de Barcelona
Saturday 25 | May | 2024
Pep Duran Esteva (Vilanova i la Geltrú, 1955) has always cultivated collage as a tool to interpret the world. He is one of the artists who has most asserted the principle of collage: constructing on the basis of fragments. The artist understands collage as if it were a musical score for the stage. ...

Últims dies de “Papers d’ombra” de Pep Duran Esteva a Can Framis
Thursday 23 | May | 2024
Until May 26th you can visit "Shadow Papers" by Pep Duran Esteva at Can Framis. This exhibition compiles all the works made with old paper decorations, created over the years and which reveals the use of both the front and back of the papers. Read ...

El pueblo de Girona donde regresar a la Costa Brava más auténtica
Thursday 23 | May | 2024

From Candelaria to Can Mario Museum.

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Descubre la ´Anatomía de la mirada´
Wednesday 22 | May | 2024

The Argentine artist Patricio Reig shows his photographic work at La Mercè Cultural Center in Girona.

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Anatomy of the gaze
Tuesday 14 | May | 2024

Anatomy of the gaze focusses attention on this act of looking, an act that is inextricably linked to psychology and (inter) subjectivity.

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Fina Miralles “We should be rebels all our lives”
Monday 13 | May | 2024
If Fina Miralles didn’t exist she would have to be invented. As well-known conceptual artist in the 1970s, she was one of the first to exhibit at the Sala Vinçon in Barcelona and her pieces are in the most important museums in the country. Read ...

Revista Dia Internacional dels Museus
Monday 13 | May | 2024

This Saturday, May 18, is International Museum Day. It is the most important event organized since 1977 by the International Committee of Museums (ICOM).

Patricio Reig looks at you
Saturday 11 | May | 2024

The exhibition dedicated to the Argentinian photographer is the result of the collaboration between the Fundació Vila Casas and the Centre Cultural La Mercè in Girona.

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The world and its images
Friday 10 | May | 2024

Palau Solterra (Fundació Vila Casas) pays tribute to the poetic and monochrome gaze of Joan Pla.

Connection from Can Framis – “Shadow Papers” by Pep Duran
Thursday 09 | May | 2024
Bernat Dedéu and Artur Ramon move to the Can Framis museum in Barcelona, the latest project of the Fundació Vila Casas (…). Our art experts recommend the exhibition “Shadow Papers”, a retrospective of Pep Duran Esteva’s collage. Audio (minute ...

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