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Proust masterpiece back to life in Barcelona
Friday 21 | October | 2022
Proust masterpiece comes back to life in Barcelona in a new exhibition at Espais Volart inspired by "In Search of Lost Time" novel. Paintings by Catalan artist Luis Marsans show the world created in Proust's story. See ...

Oscar Tusquets pinta la bellesa, el desig, l´amor i la mort
Thursday 20 | October | 2022

The Espais Volart of the Fundació Vila Casas hosts a large anthology of the catalan architect with 200 works.

See article.


L’arquitecte Oscar Tusquets pinta els seus «amors» als Espais Volart
Thursday 20 | October | 2022
The artist's pictorial vocation runs through "Cossos, ciutats, interiors", an exhibition that opens in parallel with "De Proust a Marsans, a la recerca del temps perdut", about the French writer and his main plastic interpreter.   See ...

Eugènia Balcells: “Hi ha moments que has de ser una lleona i en uns altres convé ser una vaca”
Thursday 20 | October | 2022

Interview with the artist Eugènia Balcells, who has just inaugurated the exhibition "Ella, una i altra vegada" at the Fundació Vila Casas - Can Framis.


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Oscar Tusquets: «Mai m’ha emocionat cap artista abstracte»
Thursday 20 | October | 2022

An exhibition at Espais Volart discovers the pictorial work of the architect and designer.


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Oscar Tusquets expone su obra pictórica en Barcelona: ´Hay una expresión de mis amores´
Thursday 20 | October | 2022
The Barcelona architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca makes a journey through his pictorial career in an anthological exhibition with 200 pieces in Espais Volart in Barcelona.   See ...

Parlem del Palau Solterra, de Torroella de Montgrí
Monday 17 | October | 2022
The art director of the Fundació Vila Casas, Àlex Susanna, tells us about the Solterra Museum. It is a space dedicated to national and international contemporary photography, located in Torroella de Montgrí. See ...

Eugènia Balcells: Ella, una i altra vegada
Wednesday 12 | October | 2022
News about the exhibition Ella, una i altra vegada, by Eugènia Balcells, which can be visited at the Museu Can Framis of the Fundació Vila Casas, until January 15, 2023 (minute 42:15).   See ...

Qüestionar els estereotips femenins i fer-ne art
Friday 07 | October | 2022
The Fundació Vila Casas presents the exhibition "Ella, una i altra vegada" dedicated to the visual artist Eugènia Balcells. See ...

Agustí Puig reflexiona sobre la humanitat en una mostra inèdita a Sant Joan de les Abadesses
Friday 07 | October | 2022
It is a series of thirteen large format abstract paintings that can be seen until November 27th at the Espai Art l'Abadia, in Sant Joan de les Abadesses.   See ...

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