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La Fundació Vila Casas rep més de 46.000 visitants
Wednesday 04 | January | 2023
Museums and art centers keep looking at this year in terms of visitors. Regarding Fundació Vila Casas, it gained nearly 10.000 visitors, in comparison with 2021, in all its centers at Barcelona, Palafrugell and Torroella de ...

Antoni Vila Casas, fill adoptiu de Palafrugell
Friday 23 | December | 2022
Unanimously, the plenary of the Palafrugell City Council declared this week Antoni Vila Casas "adopted son", a distinction awarded to people who, without being born in the municipality, have stood out in an extraordinary way for their personal qualities or merits, or for services rendered for the ...

Call for the 2023 Photography Award of the Vila Casas Foundation
Tuesday 20 | December | 2022

The Vila Casas Foundation announces its 2023 Photography Prize. 

Entre la literatura y la pintura figurativa
Tuesday 13 | December | 2022
The arts are a fundamental part of human activity, and the communicating vessels between all of them are usually quite evident. The Fundació Vilacasas now presents several temporary exhibitions in which drawings, paintings and literature abound. Read the ...

Antoni Vila Casas, ciència i art
Thursday 08 | December | 2022 The documentary Antoni Vila Casas, science and art traces a biographical and personal profile of who was a very important pharmaceutical entrepreneur and is now president of the foundation that bears his ...

Barcelona, ciutat proustiana
Wednesday 07 | December | 2022
Different events vindicate the figure of Marcel Proust and his masterpiece, "In Search of Lost Time", coinciding with the centenary of the French writer's death. Click here for further ...

Subirachs i jo
Tuesday 06 | December | 2022
Josep M. Minguet's reflections on the figure of Josep M. Subirachs on the occasion of the exhibition Subirachs: de l'expresssionisme a l'abstracció (1953-1965), which can be visited at the Can Mario Museum in Palafrugell. Read ...

RTVE presenta un documental sobre la vida d´Antoni Vila Casas
Tuesday 06 | December | 2022
The documentary uncovers the figure of this outstanding Catalan philanthropist, pharmacist and art promoter. Likewise, it is a reflection of the Catalan and Spanish society throughout almost one hundred years. The broadcasting of the documentary will be on December 8th at 19:15 in La 2 and RTVE ...

Oscar Tusquets, retrato de artista
Thursday 01 | December | 2022

Interview with Oscar Tusquets on the occasion of his autobiographical exhibition Cossos, ciutats, interiors at the Fundació Vila Casas in Barcelona.

Read article.

Oscar Tusquets. Un creador polièdric
Tuesday 29 | November | 2022
Article that reviews the figure of Oscar Tusquets and his exhibition Cossos, ciutats, interiors, which can be visited at Espais Volart of the Fundació Vila Casas in Barcelona until January 15, 2023. Read ...

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