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El mundo plástico de aquel tiempo perdido
Friday 11 | November | 2022
Luis Marsans was the great painter of the Proustian universe: although his commission to illustrate the book was cancelled, he continued drawing it. And the Fundació Vila Casas recovers it in an exquisite exhibition at Espais Volart in Barcelona. Read ...

Marsans, Proust, Benjamin. La memória d’un temps perdut
Friday 11 | November | 2022
A discovery of numerous drawings by Luis Marsans (1930-2015), the painter of melancholy, has allowed the exhibition "De Proust a Marsans. A la recerca del temps perdut" at Espais Volart of the Fundació Vila Casas in Barcelona. Read ...

Entrevista a Oscar Tusquets
Wednesday 09 | November | 2022
This Wednesday, Oscar Tusquets has visited the program "Planta Baixa" of TV3. The architect, designer, painter and writer now exhibits his pictorial work in Espais Volart of the Fundació Vila Casas. See ...

A la recerca de la memòria perduda
Tuesday 08 | November | 2022

A voyage through the mystery of records through the Fundació Vila Casas and the CCCB.

See article.

Eugènia Balcells. Ella, una i altra vegada
Saturday 05 | November | 2022
News about the exhibition of Eugènia Balcells, Ella, una i altra vegada, which can be visited at the Museu Can Framis of the Fundació Vila Casas, until January 15, 2023 (minut 42:45). Read ...

´Ella, una i altra vegada´, una exposició per revisar els arquetips femenins
Saturday 05 | November | 2022
The exhibition of Eugènia Balcells brings together a total of seven pieces, one of which is unpublished, with the woman as the protagonist. See ...

Thursday 03 | November | 2022
Toni Sala's column about the exhibition De Proust a Marsans. A la recerca del temps perdut, which can be visited at Espais Volart of the Fundació Vila Casas in Barcelona, until January 15, 2023. See ...

De fàbrica de llana a museu de pintura contemporània
Wednesday 02 | November | 2022
A painting museum stands out in the middle of the technological district 22@, in Roc Boronat street. It is the Museu Can Framis, of the Fundació Vila Casas, which exhibits works of art in a building that was once a wool factory, during the golden age of industry in Poblenou. See ...

Subirachs, a la recerca de l’abstracció
Tuesday 01 | November | 2022
The Fundació Vila Casas revisits the most fruitful period in the creation of the sculptural language of Josep Maria Subirachs (1927-2014) at Can Mario in Palafrugell: the transition from expressionism to abstraction. See ...

Mayte Vieta alça la mirada cap als estels al castell de Vila-seca
Sunday 30 | October | 2022
The Fundació Vila Casas exhibits three new installations of the artist Mayte Vieta, of introspective character, in the Castell de Vila-seca. See ...

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