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Marc Larré wins the Antoni Vila Casas Sculpture Award 2024
Saturday 27 | April | 2024

Ariadna Parreu receives a runner-up prize for “Vito”, a sculpture made of plastic, iron, minerals and mirrors.

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Some thirty works aspire to the Vila Casas sculpture prize
Thursday 25 | April | 2024
The winner will be announced this Saturday, and the jury announces that there will be a runner-up prize.The Fundació Vila Casas will inaugurate this Saturday at Can Mario museum, in Palafrugell, the exhibition of the 28 finalists in this edition of its sculpture prize, selected from among the 320 ...

ACCA Award
Thursday 21 | March | 2024

ACCA Award for Spaces

The Fundació Vila Casas has been recognised as the best space for the reception of exhibitions and artistic projects in Catalonia. 

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Sculpture 2024
Thursday 14 | March | 2024
The jury of the Antoni Vila Casas Sculpture Prize of the Fundació Vila Casas - formed by Caterina Almirall, Pilar Bonet, Natàlia Chocarro, Bernat Puigdollers, Stella Rahola Matutes and Joan Torras  - has selected 28 finalist works from among all the 320 proposals that have been presented in this ...

Places to abandon oneself
Wednesday 13 | March | 2024
“Shadow Papers”  is an exhibition that enters through the eyes and then passes through the consciousness. Until 26th May, at Can Framis Museum. The exhibition at the Fundació Vila Casas reviews four decades of the work of set designer and artist Pep Duran Esteva, bringing together ...

´Anonymous´ by Susana Solano
Tuesday 12 | March | 2024

The current exhibition at the Fundació Vila Casas, curated by Enrique Juncosa, is presented as a second large and necessary retrospective that aims to review and reinterpret Susana Solano and bring her closer to the younger generations.

Duran Esteva. Fragments from the past
Tuesday 12 | March | 2024

At the Fundació Vila Casas, in Can Framis museum, Shadow Papers is presented. The collage technique is the main protagonist, and according to Biel Mesquida, the origin of collage is “to build from fragments”.

Pere Antoni Pons. Writer and journalist
Monday 11 | March | 2024

Which is your favourite museum?

My ideal museum is one that looks at the world but basically pays attention to the artists of the country (…). An exemplary institution for me in recent years has been the Vila casas under the leadership of Álex Susanna.

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