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Swab Barcelona, una mirada al arte emergente
Friday 29 | September | 2023

The event will be held from 5 to 8/10 with seven exhibition programs to showcase the latest trends in contemporary art.

Antonio Sagnier i Bassas, nuevo presidente de la Fundación Privada Vila Casas
Friday 29 | September | 2023
The businessman Antonio Sagnier i Bassas has been appointed new president of the Vila Casas Private Foundation at the last meeting of the institution's board of trustees. Read ...

Exposició “La ira. Els pecats capitals”
Friday 29 | September | 2023

Anger dresses up as intolerance, hatred, discrimination or violence to conquer its main milestone: justice.

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La información sobre salud mental es insuficiente y desesperanzadora, según un estudio
Friday 29 | September | 2023
Media reporting on mental health is still insufficient and generally offers stigmatizing and hopeless content, according to a study. Read ...

Swab Barcelona obrirà portes amb una setantena de galeries i un nou programa que aposta pel talent català
Friday 29 | September | 2023
Swab Barcelona will open its doors with some seventy galleries and a new program committed to Catalan talent. Read ...

Antonio Sagnier, nou president de la Fundació Vila Casas
Thursday 28 | September | 2023
The businessman Antonio Sagnier y Bassas has been appointed new president of the Vila Casas Foundation by its Board of Trustees, which met this Wednesday at the Foundation's headquarters. Read ...

Dones artistes i esoterisme: Aneu a les expos de Josefa Toldrà i Fina Miralles
Thursday 28 | September | 2023
Rita Roig takes us to two art exhibitions that reveal the relationship between the artists of our house and the world of spiritualism: "The guided hand. Josefa Tolrà (1880-1959) - Madge Gill (1882-1961) Visionary women", until November 5 at MNAC, and "Fina Miralles, from beyond time", until ...

El Informe Quiral 2022-2023 arroja luz sobre la comunicación y percepción de la salud mental en España
Thursday 28 | September | 2023
The Center for the Study of Science, Communication and Society of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (CCS-UPF), in collaboration with the Fundació Vila Casas, has presented its Quiral Report 2022-2023, focused on mental health. Read ...

La mujer contemporánea, en los Espais Volart
Thursday 28 | September | 2023

On September 14, the Fundació Vila Casas bid farewell to Antoni Vila Casas (Barcelona, 1930), pharmaceutical entrepreneur, president of the Fundació Privada Vila Casas, and one of the greatest collectors and patrons of contemporary Catalan art.

Una pintora discreta: Maria Girona
Wednesday 27 | September | 2023
Right now there is an exhibition in Barcelona that does justice to a painter who always kept a low profile and who undoubtedly deserved a retrospective like this one that can be seen in one of the Barcelona venues of the Vila Casas Foundation. Read ...

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