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Espais Volart abre la nueva temporada con los universos de Fina Miralles y Maria Girona
Wednesday 13 | September | 2023
The new season of Espais Volart, presented this Wednesday, begins with the universes of Fina Miralles, a painter of lines, and the late Maria Girona, coinciding with the centenary of her birth. Read ...

“Hem d’anar cap a la vida!”
Wednesday 13 | September | 2023
Maria Girona (Barcelona, 1923-2015) and Fina Miralles (Sabadell, 1950) met in Barcelona's artistic circles, had a good relationship and even exchanged works. But neither of them would ever have thought that an institution, the Vila Casas Foundation, would end up organising simultaneous exhibitions ...

Fina Miralles. Des de més enllà del temps
Tuesday 12 | September | 2023

Espais Volart presents an exhibition by Fina Miralles, with works that delve into the dialogue between what the eyes do not see and what the artist makes us perceive.

Sincronies 2. La ira. Els pecats capitals
Tuesday 12 | September | 2023
Report on Sincronies 2. La ira. Els pecats capitals, the second of a series of seven instalments in which the collections of the Museu dels Sants in Olot and the Fundació Vila Casas are brought into dialogue. Watch ...

Barcelona Gallery Weekend: xutada d’energia
Tuesday 12 | September | 2023
Barcelona's contemporary art galleries agreed in 2015 to open the season with a good shot of energy: the Barcelona Gallery Weekend (BGW), a series of high quality exhibitions that open at the same time and are wrapped up in activities over a long weekend, because the party starts on Thursday. Read ...

Arriba la programació cultural de la tardor a Olot amb una gran varietat de propostes
Tuesday 12 | September | 2023
Big names such as Pere Arquillué, the company Dagoll Dagom and Magalí Sare and Dani Lòpez will take to the stage in Olot. A special place will also be given to the Universe of the artist David Ymbernon. Read ...

Barcelona Gallery Weekend celebra su 9ª edición
Monday 11 | September | 2023
Strengthening its presence on the international contemporary art calendar, Barcelona Gallery Weekend celebrates its 9th edition from 14 to 17 September. Read ...

Col·leccionar és de savis
Friday 08 | September | 2023

The Joan J. Puig collection offers us the opportunity to get to know first-hand some of the most important artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Read article

Mario Pasqualotto fa una donació a l´Escala d´una de les seves obres
Friday 08 | September | 2023
The multidisciplinary artist Mario Pasqualotto has given to l'Escala a piece from the series 'El nom de Déu és femení' (God's name is feminine). The work was exhibited this summer at the Alfolí de la Sal in the 'Que le ciel te entende!' exhibition, which was visited by some 1,500 people. Read ...

Fina Miralles i Maria Girona a la Fundació Vila Casas
Wednesday 06 | September | 2023
On 13th September, the Vila Casas Foundation opens the exhibitions Fina Miralles. From Beyond Time and Maria Girona. Contemporary of herself, which can be visited until 14 January 2024 at the Espais Volart. Read ...

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