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Des d’Alemanya, amb amor per l’art d’avantguarda català
Wednesday 08 | November | 2023

Can Framis shows the relationship between the painters Joan Claret and Joan Vilacasas and the collectors Brigitte and Hans Robert Thomas.

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La moda segons el fotògraf Frank Horvat
Wednesday 08 | November | 2023
The Castell de Vila-seca hosts, from Wednesday, the retrospective 'Please don't smile', the work of one of the most iconic photographers of the second half of the twentieth century. Read ...

El Castell de Vila-seca acull una exposició del fotògraf Frank Horvat
Wednesday 08 | November | 2023
The exhibition, which can be visited until May 19, 2024, presents about seventy photos taken between 1946 and 1989 by one of the icons of contemporary photography. Read ...

Can Framis trae las obras de Joan Claret y Joan Vilacasas
Tuesday 07 | November | 2023

The Can Framis museum inaugurated yesterday an exhibition dedicated to the work and careers of the artists Joan Claret and Joan Vilacasas, two of the great exponents of the abstract movement in Catalonia in the 1960s.

El rol clave de los medios de comunicación para eliminar el estigma en salud mental
Tuesday 07 | November | 2023
There are many barriers to proper care and prevention of mental health problems and all these barriers can be addressed through communication. This is stated in a report published by the Center for the Study of Science, Communication and Society of the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona and the ...

L´empresari Antonio Sagnier pren el relleu al capdavant de la Fundació Vila Casas
Tuesday 07 | November | 2023

The businessman Antonio Sagnier takes over the leadership of the Fundación Vila Casas, after the death of its founder.

Can Framis exhibeix ´Joan Claret i Joan Vilacasas. Donació de la Col·lecció Brigitte i Hans Robert Thomas´
Tuesday 07 | November | 2023
The collectors treasured more than 200 works that, by the will of their heirs, were given to the art fund of the Fundación Vila Casas. Read ...

Exposició de Joan Claret i Joan Vilacasas
Tuesday 07 | November | 2023

Catalunya informació (minute 50:05)

Els aliats alemanys de l’art català de la postguerra
Monday 06 | November | 2023
Antoni Vila Casas has not been in time to see one of the exhibitions that he was most excited to see inaugurated. Because, more than an exhibition, it was the celebration of a gift, the one given to him by the children of the German couple Brigitte Hueck and Hans Robert Thomas. Read ...

Els pintors abstractes Joan Claret i Joan Vilacasas dialoguen en una mostra a Can Framis
Monday 06 | November | 2023

The starting point for the exhibition is the Brigitte and Hans Robert Thomas Collection, given to the Fundación Vila Casas.

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