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The subtlety of Dolors Puigdemont has been installed at Can Mario Muesum
Thursday 18 | January | 2024

The sculpture Dolors Puigdemont (Amer, 1950) shows the exhibition ‘Transparency within’ at Can Mario Museum.

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Paula Bonet brings to La Térmica in Malaga a project of dialogue between literature and painting with international female authors.
Thursday 18 | January | 2024
La Térmica, the contemporary culture centre of the Diputación de Málaga, presents ‘We are as we look’, a new cycle created and led by the painter and writer Paula Bonet (…). (…) exhibition that this 2024 is presented at the prestigious Fundació Vila Casas.    Read ...

Montserrat Pascual Samaranch, new president of Fundació Vila Casas
Thursday 18 | January | 2024
Montserrat Pascual Samaranch has been appointed the new president of the Fundació Vila Casas, according to the institution. The appointment has taken place after the former president, Antonio Sagnier, has decided to leave the position he assumed last September. Read ...

Fundació Vila Casas shows in Paris an international exhibition by Pablo Picasso
Tuesday 16 | January | 2024
The exhibition Homenatge a Picasso. Vallauris, 1972, an exhibition acquired by the Fundació Vila Casas and curated by Nàdia Hernández, will be presented at the Centre d’Études Catalanes in Paris (France), where it will begin its first tour beyond Catalonia. Read ...

Les dones artistes no hi son per fer bonic
Friday 12 | January | 2024

That the presence of women artist in museums (…) is not a passing fad (…) is proved by the fact that this year there is a pile of proposals from names of all times and sensibilities. Susana Solano in Espais Volart at the Fundació Vila Casas, (…) Paula Ponet at the Can Framis museum.

Les grans exposicions del 2024
Friday 05 | January | 2024
The different museums of the Fundació Vila Casas will present exhibitions of Catalan artists of different generations, such as the sculptor Susana Solano (Espais Volart, from February 2nd to July 14th)  and Paula Bonet (from October 8th to January 19th ). Read ...

2024: un any de museu
Wednesday 03 | January | 2024

Remember these names and exhibitions.
The sculptor Susana Solano (…) will be exhibiting at the Fundació Vila Casas.

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Adiós a Colita, la fotógrafa que retrató a la ´Gauche Divine´ y se enamoró del flamenco
Monday 01 | January | 2024
Isabel Steva Hernández Colita, who died this Saturday, was one of the most outstanding Spanish photographers of the 20th century. (…) Isabel Steva’s works (…) Her works are in museums such as the MACBA, the MNAC, the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the Fundació Vila Casas and the Fundació ...

Más de 60 años con la mano pegada a la cámara: Colita, la fotoperiodista que nunca renunció al blanco y negro
Monday 01 | January | 2024
Yesterday, 31 December, this renowned professional in the world of Spanish audiovisual culture died at the age of 83. (…) Isabel Steva’s works (…) are in museums such as the MACBA, the MNAC, the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the Fundació Vila Casas and the Fundació Brossa.  Read ...

Muere Colita, la fotógrafa catalana de la ´gauche divine´
Sunday 31 | December | 2023
Died at the age of 83, the artist was recently awarded the Ofici de Periodista Prize for her long career (…) Her works are in many collections and museums such as the MACBA, the MNAC, the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the Fundació Vila Casas and the Fundació Brossa. Read ...

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