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“No hem d’estar tan pendents dels artistes de moda”
Tuesday 04 | July | 2023
Patron of the arts Antoni Vila Casas (b. 1930) has appointed art historian Bernat Puigdollers (b. 1991) as art director of his foundation, which is intensely active in four spaces. Read ...

Marta Sentís: “Viure el passat a través de la fotografia fa que no visqui el present”
Tuesday 04 | July | 2023
From this Saturday July 1 can be visited at the Palau Solterra in Torroella the exhibition Tots els dies són meus, an exhibition of 200 snapshots captured by photographer Marta Sentís over more than 20 years of career. Read ...

Olot (Girona) acoge ´Sincronies 2´, una exposición sobre la ira
Tuesday 04 | July | 2023
Olot (Girona) will host from this Friday the exhibition "Sincronies 2", dedicated to anger and produced by the Fundació Vila Casas and the city council of the capital of the Garrotxa region. Read ...

El Palau Solterra acull ´Tots els dies són meus´ de Marta Sentís
Monday 03 | July | 2023

The Palau Solterra hosts the first retrospective of Marta Sentís (Barcelona, 1949) through a photographic chronicle of her experiences.

Read article.

El ‘Quijote’ catalán y desnudo de Santi Moix
Saturday 01 | July | 2023
The commission of two American gallery owners and the advice of Riquer encouraged the painter to tackle some episodes that can be seen at the Fundació Vila Casas. Read ...

Bernat Puigdollers: ´Vull que la Fundació Vila Casas sigui un referent a l´hora de descobrir artistes´
Saturday 01 | July | 2023

Interview with the art director of the Fundació Vila Casas, Bernat Puigdollers.

Read interview.

La fundación Vila Casas expone en Palau Solterra de Torroella fotografías de Marta Sentís
Thursday 29 | June | 2023
The Fundació Vila Casas opens this weekend at the Palau Solterra in Torroella de Montgrí (Girona) the exhibition 'Tots els dies són meus', with pictures by Marta Sentís. Read ...

El Palau Solterra acull la primera retrospectiva de Marta Sentís amb una crònica fotogràfica de les seves vivències
Thursday 29 | June | 2023
The Palau Solterra hosts the first retrospective of Marta Sentís (Barcelona, 1949) through a photographic chronicle of her experiences. Read ...

El désir de Mayte Vieta
Sunday 25 | June | 2023
The artist from Blanes Mayte Vieta (1971) debuts at the Centre Cultural de La Mercè with "Désir". The traveling exhibition of the Fundació Vila Casas, curated by Natàlia Chocarro, can be visited until June 30. Read ...

Flors i mosquits alimenten els mons imaginaris de Santi Moix
Monday 19 | June | 2023

Espais Volart hosts the most extensive exhibition of Santi Moix made in Catalonia.

Read article.

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