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The Vila Casas Foundation awards the 2022 Painting Award
Saturday 16 | July | 2022
For twenty years the Vila Casas Foundation has been awarding the annual Painting, Sculpture and Photography Prizes, which are held on a rotating basis. The finalists in each of the disciplines are exhibited in the different venues of the Foundation, such as photography at the Solterra Palace in ...

Looking into the darkness through the stars
Friday 15 | July | 2022
Through her work, Mayte Vieta tries to reconcile different worlds starting from an introspection but opening the eyes, thus creating an atmosphere in which one can feel that the real, the sensitive, the dreamlike and the infinite can have no limits and can be very far away and at the same time very ...

1er Rencontre International d’Hommage à Picasso. Vallauris, 1972
Thursday 14 | July | 2022
"Art disturbs." "A book is a weapon." These are expressions uttered by intellectuals to try to explain why dictatorial regimes so often attack culture. The poet Louis Aragon wondered: what would 20th century art be like without the figure of Picasso? And also: what would happen to art and even more ...

El castell de la princesa
Wednesday 13 | July | 2022

Mayte Vieta looks at "Cosmos" in her photographic exhibit at Castell de Vila-seca.

Click here for further information.

Mirar entre les estrelles
Tuesday 12 | July | 2022
The Fundació Vila Casas, togheter with the City Council of Vila-seca, presents us «COSMOS. Mirar en la foscor entre les estrelles», a new exhibition of Mayte Vieta and curated by Natàlia Chocarro. Click here to read the whole ...

La Biennal de Fotografía Xavier Miserachs anuncia toda la programación de su XII edición
Monday 11 | July | 2022
The Biennal de Fotografia Xavier Miserachs anounces its XII edition entire schedule, which will be celebrated in Palafrugell, from 30th July to 9th October. Click here for further ...

Una mirada al ´Cosmos´ Mayte Vieta
Friday 08 | July | 2022
El Castell de Vila-seca ha inaugurado una exposición inédita de la artista contemporánea con cuatro instalaciones hechas a propósito por este ...

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