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Entrevista a Santi Moix
Thursday 25 | May | 2023

Interview of Santi Moix to the TVE program "El Cafè de les idees" (minute 1:32:40).

See interview.

L’idil·li amb l’Empordà perdura a Can Mario
Sunday 21 | May | 2023
At Mar de fons, at the headquarters of the Fundació Vila Casas Can Mario in Palafrugell, we can see the work of fifty creators established by birth or choice in the Empordà. Read ...

Els homenots i homenets de Català-Roca
Friday 19 | May | 2023
Until November 19, the Palau Solterra (Torroella de Montgrí) hosts an exhibition dedicated to one of the most unknown facets of Francesc Català-Roca (Valls 1922 - Barcelona, 1998): that of portraitist. Read ...

Can Mario de Palafrugell exposa la segona part de la cartografia artística de l´Empordà
Wednesday 17 | May | 2023
The Can Mario museum in Palafrugell (Baix Empordà) opens this Saturday the second part of the artistic mapping of the Empordà that started last year. Read ...

La Fundació Vila Casas presenta a Can Mario “Mar de fons”, la segona exposició col·lectiva d’artistes de l’Empordà
Tuesday 16 | May | 2023
The exhibition 'Mar de Fons' is the continuation of an artistic cartography initiated at the beginning of 2022 with the exhibition 'Localismes Universals'. The current project, also curated by Toni Álvarez de Arana, presents a second selection of artists living in the Empordà with artistic ...

Todos los efectos de la ´mala pintura´
Saturday 13 | May | 2023
The exhibition 'Bad Painting?', at the Vila Casas Foundation, gives rise to Fernández Porta's question about which canons are shaken by a 'badly composed' work. Read ...

Agustí Puig. L’energia del gest expressionista
Monday 08 | May | 2023
Agustí Puig has exhibited several times at the Fundació Vila Casas. Now, in the Castell de Vila-seca an important number of works are exhibited, including paintings, engravings and sculptures under the title "La poètica del gest". Read ...

Fotos de premi a la Fundació Vila Casas
Sunday 07 | May | 2023

We walk through 14 works, winners and finalists, which are exhibited at the Palau Solterra.

Read article.

El Premi de Fotografia 2023 de la Fundació Vila Casas ja té guanyadors: aquestes són les obres
Friday 05 | May | 2023
The Photography Award 2023 of the Fundació Vila Casas already has winners. The first prize went to Carma Casulá (Barcelona, 1966) with Al Natural_Jungfraujoch, a photograph from the series Al Natural (2019) of the galleries built under one of the oldest glaciers in Europe, in the Swiss ...

Bernat Puigdollers, nou director d´art de la Fundació Vila Casas
Tuesday 02 | May | 2023

The hitherto deputy director will take over from Àlex Susanna, who is leaving the position to devote himself more to literary creation.

Read article.

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