Can Framis, Barcelona

Available rent spaces

1.Foyer of Can Framis
The foyer of Can Framis is on the ground floor of the building that gives access to the museum. Of the three existing buildings, this is the only one that was completely rebuilt during the refurbishment of the old textile factory. It is spacious, airy and well-lit, thanks to its large windows.

Capacity: 100 persons standing / 80 persons seated

Booking Procedure
The person or company interested in hiring Can Framis Hall should contact or call +3493208736 for further information and details (timetable, number of people...)

2.Miquel Martí i Pol Square
The square of Miquel Martí i Pol, located in front of the Museum, is an Ajuntament de Barcelona property, which means that Can Framis Museum cannot rent the square. If you want to rent the square you should ask to Oficina d'informació i Tràmits de la Guàrdia Urbana (+34932915017) to obtain a permit.

However, if electricity is needed, then access to Can Framis Museum is needed and should be booked with the same procedure as if you want to hire Can Framis Hall.