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CONTEMPORARY ART - MUSEUMS - Can Framis, Barcelona - Guided visits

Guided visits - Can Framis, Barcelona

Temporary Exhibitions: Guided visits

Temporary Exhibitions: Can Framis Museum

Temporary Exhibitions: Can Framis Museum

It exists two possibilities to visit the temporary exhibitions in the Can Framis in a more specialized way: Guided visit by appointment (English) and using a written guide to the exhibitions (available in English) at the museum reception.

Guided visit by appointment. Visit of the temporary exhibition at Can Framis with a specialist in contemporary art. Reservations must be made at least 7 days in advance. Maximum 25 people per group. Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. Approx. duration of visit: 1:30hr. Price per group: Tuesday – Friday, €60; weekends, €70; visits in English, €92. Payment to be made in advance, by bank transference.

Written guide to the exhibitions for visitors. They are available at reception in Catalan, Spanish, French and English, containing a brief introduction to the exhibition route.



Further information and bookings:


Further information and bookings:

(+34) 93 320 87 36

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