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Patricio Reig - Anatomy of the gaze

02/05/2024 - 21/06/2024
Centre Cultural La Mercè

Opening: Thursday 2nd May, 06:00 p.m.


Patricio Reig (San Juan, Argentina, 1952) is an artist whose career straddles photography, literature and alchemy.

He is interested in photography not simply as a catalyst for the truth but rather as a gentle conversation that enters into dialogue with it. Reig has developed a poetics from which he creates object-photographs that require an attentive, patient, divided gaze. He superimposes text and image, thus endowing texture and depth to the photograph, transforming the photographic document into a text and a picture at the same time, into a tactile object that yearns to be caressed, like a poem, by the gaze.

Anatomy of the gaze focusses attention on this act of looking, an act that is inextricably linked to psychology and (inter)subjectivity. It is set up as a study of the gaze, as a phenomenological investigation into the dialectic of the gaze, of the intersubjective psychology between the one who looks and the one who is looked at, which should not be understood as just the relationship between the photographer and the model, but instead with a whole range of subjects-objects which look and are looked at through this window that is the eye.

Curated by Natàlia Chocarro, art adviser to the presidency at Fundació Vila Casas, this exhibition is the result of collaboration between the Centre Cultural La Mercè and Fundació Vila Casas, and seeks to deepen our knowledge of contemporary creators.

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