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Universal Localisms: Artists of the Empordà (1)

26/02/2022 - 08/05/2022
Can Mario, Palafrugell

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Ever since it was founded more than twenty years ago, the Fundació Vila Casas has had a presence in the Empordà, a region where more than two hundred artists currently live and work. Many of them are represented in the Foundation’s museums, both in the Empordà and in Barcelona. Even so, this exhibition – which we foresee as the first in a total of two projects – aims to go further and recognise some lesser-known artists. We want to broaden the range of artists who are represented and hope that this vast pool of talent we are surrounded by feel at home, and are able to meet and exhibit their work, at Fundació Vila Casas.

We will show a fifty artists over the course of the two exhibitions, the first time this has happened, and our intention is not to highlight some artists over others but we hope that from now on people will identify the Empordà as a land full of artists, with a heritage whose roots go back to great artists such as Pla, Dalí, Duchamp, Hamilton and Cuixart, and that this is something that distinguishes us from other regions.

Based on these two premises – artists who are settled, living and working in the Empordà, and the desire to promote a network of common interests – we have decided to start our journey with the group of friends/artists which has grown over thirty years working at the arts space Km 7. They have been able to break down the current atomization and create a primitive molecule in the arts world, and while they are not the first to do so in our region, they have been the most long-lasting. Therefore, it gives us great pleasure to help develop this heritage of ours, and to establish strong foundations for the future. Essentially, however, we seek to make a commitment to a new way of seeing and valuing our home, a treasure that grows by day.

Artists: Artur Aguilar, Rosa Aguiló, Pilar Aldana-Méndez, Alfonso Alzamora, Ralph Bernabei, Rosa Brugat, Pep Camps, Josep Canals, Alberto de Udaeta, Jordi Galí, Javier Garcés, Guerrero Medina, Hiroshi Kitamura, Xavier Krauel, Luis Krauel, Laurent Martin “Lo”, Assumpció Mateu, Alícia Marsans, Maria Mercader, José Luís Pascual, Víctor Pérez Porro, Enric Pladevall, Carme Sanglas, Regina Saura, Manel Álvarez, Adolfo Estrada, Xavier Medina Campeny and Jordi Sardà.   


The opening, Saturday February 26th at 12h, will feature the performance action Minyona rebel by the artist Rosa Brugat.

Curated by Toni Álvarez de Arana.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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