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Santi Moix - The Mosquito Coast. An anthology (1998-2022)

21/02/2023 - 16/07/2023
Espais Volart, Barcelona

This exhibition is a retrospective of the work in the last two decades by Santi Moix (Barcelona, 1960), a Catalan artist who has lived in New York since 1986. It is conceived for the Espais Volart of Fundació Vila Casas, and includes over seventy works dating from 1998 - when the artist received the Guggenheim Fellowship grant and began working with the gallery owner Paul Kasmin - to the present day. The exhibition features paintings, watercolours, drawings, ceramics and porcelain, rubber sculptures and spectacular ephemeral interventions on the walls in the rooms, that have been created especially for this show. Moix is a unique artist in our country given that he has lived for so long in the USA, where he has developed his work, although he has also worked in Morocco, India and Japan. He currently has a studio in Barcelona, as well.

Santi Moix’s painting is halfway between representation and abstraction. His language appears to be expressionist but, beyond reflecting specific emotional states, it becomes a tool to create an imaginary parallel mythical-poetical world, full of abstract forms that seem to be in constant transformation and combine with easily recognizable images, such as insects, animals, eyes, wheels or bridges, among others. This is all embodied in exuberant colours, in which humour and hedonism also play a predominant role. In addition, Moix illustrated books by humourist authors, including Miguel de Cervantes, Rabelais and Mark Twain.

Exhibition curated by Enrique Juncosa.


© Santi Moix. Private Collection. Photography: Pablo Román.

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