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CONTEMPORARY ART - EXHIBITIONS - Temporary contemporary art exhibitions

Pep Duran Esteva - Provisional

23/05/2024 - 18/07/2024
Galeria Àrea Tallers del Campus Poblenou de la UPF

Opening: Thursday May 23rd at 6.00 pm at Can Framis where Pep Duran and Biel Mesquida will start an artistic action that will take us to the UPF.


Mix the biographical and the anonymous.
Recollection(s) and memory.
Aposematism and crypsis.
Labyrinth of presences and hidden words.
Silent film, shadow theatre. 

If scenography possesses the capacity to transform the space(s) and an installation is not a locked piece of work, the intervention Provisori (Provisional) in the Workshop area at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) seeks to influence and insist on these premises; as a trigger, the biographical: my work Pare i mare (Esotro) (Father and mother (Esotro)) coexists with clothes racks replete with monochrome-coloured garments. Some of these items of clothing have pieces of paper pinned to them featuring phrases related to the world of art. This kind of clothes rack – commonly used to carry costumes for film and theatre productions – create a wall/partition here, forcing the visitor to change their usual route in some way and understand the new layout of the space as a refuge, a temporary dwelling, a provisional space.

An exhibition of the cycle "77 passes"
The organization of this exhibition is part of the collaboration agreement that the UPF and the Fundació Vila Casas have maintained since 2020 for the Area Workshops Gallery of the Poblenou campus to host exhibitions dedicated to works exhibited at Can Framis. This collaborative relationship has been facilitated by the proximity between the headquarters of the Fundació Vila Casas to Can Framis and the Poblenou campus of the University. Precisely, the walking distance that separates the two facilities is what gives the name to the artistic cycle that they jointly promote: "77 passes" (77 steps). The exhibition Provisori by Pep Duran is the second exhibition organized within the framework of this cycle after the first one dedicated to Joan Fontcuberta in November 2021.


© Pep Duran: Pare i mare (Esotro) , 1999-2008. Abric, gavardina, barret i diversos objectes de ferro i plom. Col·lecció de l’artista.
Fotografia: FotoGasull



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