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Tania Font - Mecànica interna

25/07/2020 - 29/11/2020
Can Mario, Palafrugell


Among the many crises that defined the contemporary era, there is one that not only has not abandoned us, but has grown in complexity and impact: the crisis of vision. Photography, X-rays and psychoanalysis had something in common: they revealed to us just how many things really escape our vision and in just how many ways appearances deceive. We rubbed our eyes and insisted. We made the autopsy – the act of seeing with our own eyes – a reinforced exercise in knowledge. We have opened everything, bodies and toys, seeking answers through the scalpel, the drawing, the plan and the endoscope. We have only discovered more questions, that’s how productive our restlessness has been. We know what is inside and we often even know how it works, but we go on ignoring why it is so. And in this enigmatic territory, which combines science, art and mysticism, the most wonderful of all frustrations occurs.

John Pecham, a thirteenth-century Franciscan sage, said that the act of sight is painful, perhaps because it reveals but it does not explain, it discovers but it does not answer. Tania Fonts sculptures are presented as investigations, they completely expose what is hidden beneath the surface. They are not, however, solutions to a hieroglyphic. Maybe, as art, they are the elaboration of an enigma with which to respond to others.

Andrés Hispano



Can Framis
Espais Volart
Can Mario
Palau Solterra

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