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CONTEMPORARY ART - EXHIBITIONS - Temporary contemporary art exhibitions

Groundswell, Artists of the Empordà (2)

20/05/2023 - 26/11/2023
Can Mario, Palafrugell

This exhibition, entitled Mar de fons (Groundswell), is the continuation of an artistic cartography of the Empordà region. It began in early 2022 with the exhibition Universal Localisms: Artists of the Empordà (1), and now Mar de Fons brings together a second set of artists who live in our region, yet this time, with different artistic approaches, often distancing themselves from painting or sculpture in the more traditional forms we are all familiar with, whilst not abandoning the artist’s creativity. This represents the second chapter of this catalogue of fine arts but the final nor definitive one. While this exhibition covers about another thirty artists, there are still many more to feature in the artistic map of our Empordà. The viewing public will be left in no doubt about the quality of the works presented here, as we get to know a bit more about the artistic richness in many small villages across our landscape.

The highlight of these two exhibitions is the fact that they have helped stimulate the recognition of the names of many artists in this region, an area that is growing in its artistic output year after year. We could not wait any longer to compile a list of artists, one which will become a resource for the future, not just for the cultural sector, but one whose impact will help promote other activities related to the economic development of our region.

The project will continue, from now on, in a more focused way to establish the long list of artists who are resident in the Empordà, in order to attain a final presentation.

Artists: Nei Albertí, Montse Baqués, Guillermo Basagoiti i Sana López, Denys Blacker, Pere Bellès, Mònica Campdepadrós, Núria Efe, Xavier Escribà, Pilar Farrés, Tania Font, Clara Gassiot, Gabriel, Hiroshi Kitamura, Lluís Lleó, Yvan Mas, Mireia Mateo, Fiona Morrison, Laurent Martin “LO” , Pere Noguera, Àlex Pallí, Manolo Sierra, Mar Serinyà, Sasha Sime, Marta Vergonyós and Michelle Wilson.


Curator: Toni Álvarez de Arana 


Picture: Marta Vergonyós i Mar Serinyà. Taula Viva. Paraulari, 2021.