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19/05/2018 - 31/12/2018
Can Framis, Barcelona

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Intersections is a photography installation conceived and executed for the Can Framis Museum by students on the Masters course in Photography and Design at ELISAVA, Escuela Universitaria de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona, in collaboration with the Fundació Vila Casas.

25 emerging artists meet at a crossroads.  In their quest to break through barriers and mould their individual and generational identities they explore subjects such as gender equality, human and animal rights, bigotry, freedom, life and death.  Giving voice to the concerns of our time, they forge brand-new unions and foster harmony.  

As creators of images they express themselves in Light, Form and Colour.  Aware of their position, both in the world as well as at the head of a long line of artists, they use tradition as a stepping stone.   

The Can Framis Museum serves as a meeting place for constructive dialogue between the established and the emergent. Each of the artists weaves their subject matter into one of the works in the permanent collection while also taking it as their starting point.  The architecture of the museum and its surroundings provides the habitat in which the final pieces, literally set into the walls of the building, take on life of their own.  The past becomes the foundation upon which are constructed declarations related to the liquid times we are living in.

Students on the Masters course in Photography and Design at ELISAVA:

Nelson Alonso, Rosalía Ángel, Outmane Bakki, Axelle Billon, Alexander N. Caraballo, Calecx, María Chaves, Ania Collado Herrera, Christine Teichmann, Andia Ghanbari, Thomas Grøttebø, Camila Anaïs, Vanessa Gutiérrez, Doris L, Chiaoyun Lo, Liubov Lezhneva, Bibs Macias, Carlos Ojeda, Nere Oria Iriondo, Andrés Ribón Perry, Jessica Roberts, Ryan Swartz, Ricardo Tay-Lee Lama, Miao Ting, and Anna Vilaseca Samper.

An ELISAVA Masters course in Photography and Design project:

Director: Pedro Vicente
Tutors: Diego Ferrari, Natasha Christia, Rein Steger, Elena Olcina, and Pedro Vicente
Curatorial team: Axelle Billon, Vanessa Gutiérrez, Bibs Macias, Ryan Swartz, and Ricardo Tay-Lee
Design: Eva Ríos
Production: Cristina Patino, Sabaté y Cian & Co.



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