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Several artists - ELISAVA: (a)simetrías

18/05/2019 - 15/12/2019
Can Framis, Barcelona

(a)symmetries is a photographic installation conceived and mounted by students on the Master's Degree course in Photography and Design at Elisava, the University School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona, ​​in collaboration with the Fundació Vila Casas Can Framis Museum. The exhibition, which consists of large-format photographs framed by the walls of the building, invites us to reflect on gender roles and break away from the binary.

(a)symmetries will be inaugurated this Saturday 18 May at 12.30 in the Can Framis Museum square. At the presentation ceremony the eleven artists involved in the show will talk about their works - artworks that revolve around gender roles and binarism as a social frontier and which seek to free us from these social conventions and open ourselves up to new realities.

Each of the photographers addresses this challenge from their own perspective and subject matter, taking as their starting point one of the works in the Can Framis Museum permanent collection. The architecture of the building plays an important role in the exhibition and imbues the works with further meaning; large format photographs are framed by the architecture of the building itself, as in past years of this exhibition.

The show, directed by Pedro Vicente, director of the Elisava Master’s in Photography and Design, comprises work by the following artists: Haidé Costa i Villaró, Dunia Chahine, Menna Diaa Ali, Ernesto Ferraro, Dalia Hussein, Pablo Hernán Muñoz Guzmán, Kamila Ortiz, Gina Príncipe, Gunnlöð Jóna Rúnarsdóttir, Shun Kai Wong and Jiexin Zhao. Also collaborating in the exhibition are Sabaté, Cian&Co and FotoK.

About Elisava

Elisava, the University School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona, ​​promotes education, knowledge and research into the fields of design, engineering and communication. With over 50 years’ experience, it has trained more than 17,000 students and consolidated itself as one of the world's leading schools.  The school, affiliated with Pompeu Fabra University, collaborates with internationally acclaimed companies, institutions and NGOs to offer a university education which prepares students for current and future challenges. Elisava trains expert professionals in the design and creation of products, services and environments that will improve society.



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