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Various artists - Capsules from lockdown: art and pandemic in Catalonia

05/10/2020 - 17/01/2021
Can Framis, Barcelona

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The exhibition Càpsules de confinament: art i pandèmia a Catalunya (Capsules from lockdown: art and pandemic in Catalonia) has come about following a virtual project entitled Càpsules de confinament that we, at Fundació Vila Casas, initiated after the declaration of the state of alarm, and the resulting lockdown sine die.

Given the exceptional nature of what we were living through, this collective project emerged from the idea of witnessing how artists experienced the lockdown and how the whole situation affected their creative processes. We wanted to bring together a series of written and visual testimonies during the lockdown: a period of great uncertainty which in the end lasted two and a half months, though for many museums this meant three months. This led to the collection a hundred ‘capsules’ for this exhibition, featuring intergenerational, eclectic and multidisciplinary works.

Once the museums reopened, we realized how much potential there was in this project and decided to put on an exhibition of all the artworks by the hundred artists who participated in the original virtual project. The aim is to reflect, or encapsulate, the experience of lockdown from a wide variety of voices, registers and perspectives.

Càpsules de confinament: art i pandèmia a Catalunya is therefore a kind of x-ray image of the panorama of contemporary art in our country, though we sense that the interest in this project will be more than purely artistic. When someone wants to find out how the experience of lockdown affected artists in Catalonia, they will be able to consult these ‘capsules’ and this is what has motivated us to put on this exhibition. The one hundred artists featured include Carlos Pazos, Anna Malagrida, Jordi Mitjà, Eulàlia Valldosera, Antoni Llena, Àngels Ribé, Ignasi Aballí, David Bestué, Eugènia Balcells, Mabel Palacín, Serra de Rivera, Jordi Bernadó and Yago Hortal. The exhibition will be shown at Museu Can Framis from 5th October 2020 to 24th January 2021.


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