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Entry rules for prize: Sculpture Award (2021)


1. Contestants
Any artist who is over eighteen years old and born, or resident, in Catalonia may enter the competition.

2. Theme

The theme is open and may be drawn from the wide variety of techniques and supports which are currently used to create sculpture.

3. Submission of works
In order for the artists’ works to be viewed, and potentially selected, by the judging panel, contestants must register at this webpage between 16th and 31st March 2021. As outlined on the webpage, contestants must complete the corresponding form, provide the artist’s CV, the technical specifications and a brief description of the work, and two images of the work from different angles, with a resolution of 300 dpi in TIFF format with a maximum size of 100Mb.

Any queries regarding the registration procedure may be addressed to:
Ms Maite Costa
Telephone: 972 30 62 46

4. Selection of shortlisted works
The organizing committee and judging panel will review all the entries received and make a selection of shortlisted works – from which the winning artwork will be chosen – which will be exhibited in the temporary exhibitions’ hall at Museu Can Mario from 5th June to 4th July 2021. There will also be an accompanying catalogue outlining each artwork and providing a brief biography of its sculptor.

5. Dimensions and technical specifications
The sculpture (separately from its support) must not exceed 150 x 150 x 150 cm in size, and have a maximum weight of 100 kg.

6. Delivery and transport of works
The Foundation will contact the selected artists by e-mail on 19th April 2021. The selected works must be delivered by 7th May 2021.
An indispensable condition is that the works must be originals, unpublished and must be signed by the author.

Transport costs, for delivery and return of the work, along with any damage that may occur during transport of artworks, will be the full responsibility of the artist, and will at no time be the responsibility of the Foundation. Costs of insurance and packaging – which must be reusable for the return of the work – will be the responsibility, and at the risk, of the contestants.

Sculptures must be delivered to Museu Can Mario, Plaça de Can Mario, 7, 17200 Palafrugell, within the following times: from Wednesday to Saturday, 11.00–13.30 and 16.30–20.00, and Sunday, 11.00–13.30. Any artwork that does not comply with the conditions outlined herein will not be accepted.

7. Rights and responsibilities
The works that are not awarded with prizes, or are not purchased by the Foundation, must be collected from the museum for return to the artist on the specified dates. Artworks that are not collected on these dates will be freely available for use by the Foundation, without forming part of its full collection.

Any artwork that does not fulfil these conditions, or is not delivered on the specified dates, will not be accepted. Participation in the competition supposes the acceptance of these conditions and the judges’ decision.

8. Prizes
The winning artwork will receive a prize of €15,000, become property of the Fundació Vila Casas, form part of its permanent collection and may be exhibited at any of its museums or spaces.

The winner of the Sculpture Prize will hold an exhibition at Can Framis, Barcelona, within a year of the prize being awarded. The judging panel may declare the prize void at any time.

9. Returns

The works that are not awarded with prizes or are not sold must be collected from the museum for return to the artist between 14th July and 26th August 2021, within the following times: from Wednesday to Saturday, 11.00–13.00 and 17.30–20.00.
All works that have not been removed prior to 27th August 2021 will become freely available to the Foundation, without forming part of its collection.

The judging panel will be made up of:

Ana Mas
Àlex Susanna
Antoni Vila Casas
Antonio Sagnier
Bernat Puigdollers
Cèlia del Diego
Glòria Bosch

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