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The collection

The collection is the point of convergence where the plural vision of the collector Antoni Vila Casas meets contemporary art. It is a map of movements and decisions to accept particular works that embrace different ideologies and creative languages. Encompassing the period between the 1960’s and the present, with a few previous exceptions, a number of currents of pictorial and sculptural creation in Catalonia are displayed. Only the photography collection is within an international framework.


Joan Pujol
Sabadell, Barcelona, 1948

Barcelona, 1949 - Albons, Girona, 2019

Lluc Queralt
Tarragona, 1978

Photographer and painter. He took up photography in the mid-nineties using a camera that his mother had given him. He graduated in artistic photography from the Escola d’Art i Disseny in Tarragona. He is constantly travelling and has reported from many countries such as Palestine, Syria, Bosnia, Greece and the USA. His photographic work focuses on documentary, mainly featuring war, politics and human characters. In 2017 he won the second edition of the Painting Competition held by the Fundació Privada Mútua Catalana.

Santi Queralt
Barcelona, 1961

Joan Rabascall
Barcelona, 1935

He trained at the Escola Massana in Barcelona and the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris, where he has lived and worked since he settled there in the sixties. At that time, he discovered French new realism, something he used to denounce insatiable commercialism and consumerism, which then became the main discourse in his work, first with collage and later on with photographic emulsions on canvas and prints on metal. He uses techniques from that time, such as reproducibility, and sources from the media and advertising as his own language of criticism.

Perpinyà, França, 1946 - Palafrugell, Girona, 1997

Albert Ràfols-Casamada
Barcelona, 1923 - 2009

Stella Rahola Matutes
Barcelona, 1980

Degree in Architecture from the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura in Barcelona (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) and a degree in Sculpture from the Escola Massana. Stella Rahola’s artwork reformulates, through an ongoing study of techniques, the resistance and limits of such malleable and fragile materials as porcelain and glass. In this way, through exploration, her works become constructions that transmute in the limits of what form is and what it is not, dispersing in the air and acquiring volumes that make them take on a new life. Then the sought-after resistance rebels in the form of an outbreak, as if the resulting object remained suspended in the air attempting to immortalize, as a frozen image, the zenith of absolute beauty and therefore revealing itself in a stage of perfect balance.

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