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The collection

The collection is the point of convergence where the plural vision of the collector Antoni Vila Casas meets contemporary art. It is a map of movements and decisions to accept particular works that embrace different ideologies and creative languages. Encompassing the period between the 1960’s and the present, with a few previous exceptions, a number of currents of pictorial and sculptural creation in Catalonia are displayed. Only the photography collection is within an international framework.


Sergi Marcos
Barcelona, 1956

Manel Margalef
Amposta, Tarragona, 1963

Diambra Mariani
Verona, Itàlia, 1982

Carmen Mariscal
Palo Alto, CA, EUA, 1968

Born into a family with Catalan origins, Carme Mariscal has ably positioned her work on the cusp of installation, photography and video, seeking to show the fragility, transformation and progressive dematerialization of the body. This interest for corporeality goes as far back as her earlier pictorial origins, coinciding with collaborations in a hospital with young people suffering from eating disorders. Another theme present in her work is the self-portrait, which in a tendency not from body art, has allowed her to reflect upon the subject of organic mutation as a conceptual and aesthetic allegory of identity, pleasure and suffering.

Antoni Marquès
Sabadell, Barcelona, 1956

Luis Marsans
Barcelona, 1930 - 2015

A Catalan painter who spent his childhood in Paris as a result of the Spanish Civil War. In 1940 he returns to Barcelona and seven years later he travels to the USA, where he meets Salvador Dalí and discovers his desire to become and artist. He spends the following years refining his focus, gets to know the Dau al Set group, and becomes interested in Bauhaus and Cézanne’s artwork. In the early fifties, he meets Duchamp in Cadaqués, which leads him to take on a new artistic language. Between 1966 and 1972, he works on a series of representations of In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust. From 1980 onwards, he regularly exhibits in Paris, as well as Madrid, New York and Washington.

Marcel Martí
Alvear, Argentina, 1925 - Palafrugell, Girona, 2010

París, França, 1955

Luis Martín
Tenerife, Illes Canàries, 1957

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