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The collection

The collection is the point of convergence where the plural vision of the collector Antoni Vila Casas meets contemporary art. It is a map of movements and decisions to accept particular works that embrace different ideologies and creative languages. Encompassing the period between the 1960’s and the present, with a few previous exceptions, a number of currents of pictorial and sculptural creation in Catalonia are displayed. Only the photography collection is within an international framework.


Francesc Català-Roca
Valls, Tarragona, 1922 - Barcelona, 1998

Tony Catany
Llucmajor, Palma De Mallorca, 1942 - 2013

Félix Cavestany
Barcelona, 1995

Agustí Centelles
Grau de València, 1909 - Barcelona, 1985

Agustí Centelles

The work of Agustí Centelles, a central figure in Spanish photojournalism, provides an indispensable testimony to the Spanish civil war; an episode that had a resounding effect on Spanish society and art that still resonates today. The framing, view points and depth of his photographs, taken with a Leica camera, freeze time while exuding modernity. Poetically charged works of epic force and dramatic intensity that, far from being merely anecdotal, present an unadorned reality displaying great discursive potential. Barred from practising photojournalism by Franco’s regime, he worked in publicity photography on his return from exile in 1944. He was awarded the National Photography prize two years before his death. Photos: Spain. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Historical Memory Documentation Centre. Agustí Centelles i Ossó archive.

Joana Cera
Barcelona, 1965

Lluís Cera
Barcelona, 1967

Jordi Cerdà
Barcelona, 1949

Ramon Cerezo
Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona, 1958

Joaquim Chancho
Riudoms, Tarragona, 1943

Joaquim Chancho

Painter who creates dialogue between lineal gesture and the writing of signs and lettering. Action and rhythm emerge from the simplicity of vertical and horizontal lines in search of the parallel path that the painting traces on the canvas. His pictograms are like large networks in which the viewer is aware of a certain unsettling order requiring their gaze so that the fundamental order of things may be distinguished. He has won numerous prestigious drawing and painting awards, including the 1987 Tarragona Biennial painting prize.

Temporary Contemporary Art Exhibitions

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