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Museums at Night, at Can Framis

Saturday 14, May, 2022 19 h. - Saturday 14, May, 2022 - 1 h.
Can Framis, Barcelona

Once again, the Museu Can Framis is taking part in the Museums at Night event with an open day to see the permanent exhibition Monologue, dialogue and concept, and also the temporary exhibition Out of frame by Isidre Manils, which will be on its penultimate day open to the public. On this occasion, the museum highlights the collaboration with the NauART space, which has created three installations: Giant Sumi-E by Hasu Art (Alberto Castiñeira), Escultures efímeres (Ephemeral sculptures) by Seylan Kandak, and Bodegons interactius (Interactive still lifes) by Daniel Yacubovich. All three installations are mounted in the Can Framis plaza and the public is invited to interact and play an active part in the creative process.


Hasu Art (Alberto Castiñeira) – Giant Sumi-E

Hasu Art presents a continual performance lasting throughout the opening time in which a large format painting will be created and the participation of the public is essential: the artist will choose one person at random and ask them to paint the first brushstroke, thereby taking one of the most important decisions and defining the subsequent development of the artwork. 19 p.m.


Seylan Kandak – Ephemeral sculptures

Escultures efímeres (Ephemeral sculptures) is a photographic series that captures the sculptures that Seylan Kandak creates with sheets of paper. The artist photographs them to immortalize them and this transforms their volatile and fragile structures into ones that are strong and long-lasting. The installation will present a photographic mural and the series of paper structures, and invite the public to make their own. 20 p.m.


Daniel Yacubovich – Interactive still lifes

Daniel Yacubovich transfers his pictorial creations into a still life formed using objects and the participation of the public. On a long canvas that gives the appearance of large tablecloths that lay the path to the door of the museum, this interactive still life will be created using the objects or food brought by the public. 21 p.m.


In collaboration with NauART and Comunidart


Open doors: Saturday May 14, 19.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m.




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