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Mindfulness meditation course: 6 frames to learn to meditate

Sunday 30, June, 2024 11.30 h - Sunday 30, June, 2024
Can Framis, Barcelona

Would you like to start practicing mindfulness meditation from scratch, learn its basics and origins and incorporate the meditative practice in your daily life?

We offer you a program to learn to meditate in a museum, an opportunity where in addition to cultivate mindfulness and compassion, you can develop the ability to appreciate beauty in front of works of art and develop your creativity. A training that progressively deepens meditation, body, breathing and lifestyle practices.

The sessions are fundamentally practical, with brief theoretical expositions, including creative meditation exercises of therapy through art.

You will learn to
Develop self-knowledge and self-awareness,
Integrate meditation as a means of cultivating inner silence and stillness.
Cultivate an appreciation of beauty
Explore your creativity
Live with greater fulfilment and inner well-being
Manage emotions in a healthy way

Facilitate a process of self-inquiry and personal maturation.
Incorporate meditative practice into daily life.
To unfold the capacity of "awareness" as a key to growth for a fulfilling life.
To explore therapeutic art

Session 1. From dispersion to attention What is mindfulness?
Session 2.- Inhabiting the body and working on sensations
Session 3 .- Breathing as an anchor to return to the now
Session 4.- Knowing the mind and observing thoughts
Session 5.- Welcoming emotions with kindness
Session 6.- Tuning the heart and cultivating compassion

Gentle stretching and relaxation
Theoretical explanation
Creative work

April 7th
May 12th (Full Capacity)
May 26th
June 16th
June 30th

11:30 a.m. a 01:30 p.m.

20€ single session
100€ complete program

Register by sending an e-mail to:
Fundació Vila Casas reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached (4 people).

Amelia Melo, graduated in law, master in marketing, master in insurance and master in relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. She has been trained as an instructor of mindfulness, mindful-eating, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, hatha yoga, yin yoga, yoga for trauma and hatha raja yoga. In 2019 she elaborated a memory and scientific article as the final thesis of the Remind Master from which the program MYSTERIA, the beauty of silence emerged. This scientific article was published in June 2022 in the scientific journal Art & Perceptión, under the title: "Mysteria, the Beauty of Silence: a program of Contemplation to Cultivate the Awareness of Beauty in Art Museums". Currently studying the program "transpersonal therapy in art" of the Spanish School of Transpersonal Development approved by the European University Miguel de Cervantes.



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