Health Project

Health and socio-sanitary matters were what spurred Antoni Vila Casas to create the Fundació Vila Casas in 1986, thanks to his links with the world of health and his role in the pharmaceutical business.  The first thing it did was to award grants for research.

Today the Fundació Vila Casas Health initiatives make knowledge of the latest health issues available to professionals through the research documents published in Informe Quiral and the Opinió Quiral debates.

What is quiralitat?

Quiralitat means chirality in English. It refers to how depending on the incidence of light shed a molecule and the point from which it is viewed, certain substances can behave in different ways. This concept, adopted by the Fundació Vila Casas, can be used metaphorically to describe the multiple readings that are generated by the Fundació Vila Casas debates on health, Opinions Quiral.