1.-The collector and the collection

How did the collection start?

The collector Antoni Vila Casas showed an interest in art and collecting from an early age, and over time he started to collect and gradually became more immersed in the world of art, especially in the Empordà region of Catalonia where he established his first museums In 1992 he was able to concentrate fully on his foundation and private art collection, thanks to the sale of the pharmaceutical company of which he was the majority share-holder, Prodesfarma.

Today the Fundació Vila Casas’s primary objective is to promote contemporary Catalan art, given the lack of spaces in Catalonia for displaying art produced there.  The foundation is based on three main principles: the promotion of young artists, the rediscovery of forgotten artists and their work, and the recognition of outstanding artistic achievement.

Is the collection static or dynamic?

The Fundació Vila Casas collection is alive and dynamic due to the fact that it incorporates new works annually, either through purchases from contemporary art dealers, auctions or from the finalists of the prizes held every year.

By what criteria are works chosen for the collection?

Being a private collection the works are chosen according to the criteria of its owner Antoni Vila Casas, who decides on the purchase of each piece according to the feeling he has for it.

The collection aims to represent contemporary Catalan artists in three disciplines: painting, photography and sculpture, although in the case of photography the remit has been widened to include a selection of artists from around the world.

The primary objective is to promote contemporary Catalan art from the 1960’s to the present day by means of spaces for temporary exhibitions, museums and associated activities, taking a Catalan artist to be someone born or resident in Catalonia.

Does Antoni Vila Casas have an advisor to help him purchase new works?

The Art Director of the Fundació Vila Casas, Glòria Bosch, and Antoni Vila Casas have spent many years in close collaboration, which means the selection of works is very much in-line with the criteria of the collector, fruit of his individual concerns.  The experience accumulated over the years, enriched by contact and dialogue with artists, dealers and art critics, has been an important, although not decisive factor in the compiling of the collection.

How large is the collection?

Currently the Fundació Vila Casas holds a total of 2,010 pieces in its collection.

  • Can Framis has 650 paintings, 270 on show.
  • Can Mario has 360 sculpture, 217 on permanent display.
  • Palau Solterra has 1,000 photographs and around 200 on display.

The artist search engine on the website is a good way to find information about artists from the collection.

2.- Exhibits and Awards

I am an artist; how can I have an exhibition at the Fundació Vila Casas?

To exhibit in any of the Fundació Vila Casas spaces or museums it is necessary to have a work admitted to the foundation’s collection. A work may be admitted via the annual Prizes, artistic submissions to the Department of Art, or via a donation.

None of the display rooms of the Fundació Vila Casas museums or spaces are available for rent for artists’ personal exhibitions.  They may be occasionally rented for functions by organisations or private individuals for other purposes.

To present a work or portfolio please contact the Art Department: (+34) 93 481 79 85 / espaivolart@fundaciovilacasas.com


Why only Catalan artists?

For the Fundació Vila Casas, collecting only Catalan art from the 1960’s onwards is as much a way of enriching the contemporary art and culture of Catalonia as of promoting it both at home and abroad, especially when one takes into consideration the lack of private and public institutions willing to do the same job. The foundation considers a Catalan artist to be someone who was born or resides in Catalonia.

How much does it cost for an artist to have an exhibition at the Fundació Vila Casas?

Nothing, since the Fundació Vila Casas regards financing the exhibitions held in its spaces and museums as an integral part of promoting contemporary Catalan art. The exhibitions are held to contribute to the artist’s curriculum vitae. As a contribution to this promotion, the artist is invited to donate a work.

Is there a catalogue of the collection?

There is no exclusive catalogue of the works but there are of the museums and spaces from which you can learn about their history as well as the history of the Antoni Vila Casas collection. These catalogues can be purchased at any of the foundation’s museums and spaces.

3.- Catalogues

What languages are the exhibition catalogues available in? Where can they be purchased?

The catalogues of the artists’ exhibitions are usually in Catalan with Spanish, English and occasionally French translations included.
They can be purchased directly from the Fundació Vila Casas museums and spaces or on-line via the Laie bookshop website: www.laie.es

4.- Visits and discounts

I would like to have a guided visit in English. Is it possible?

Yes. The Can Framis Museum of Contemporary Painting is the Fundació Vila Casas museum that offers this service most regularly. For further information please click on Guided Visits in the main menu.

At Can Mario and Palau Solterra English language information dossiers are available which include a suggested route to follow. Similar dossiers are also available at Can Framis.

Are hand-outs available for people not on guided visits?

When visiting you can use the support material of any of the Fundació Vila Casas spaces and museums. Dossiers are available with a suggested route to follow and information on some of the works which can be read as you go around the exhibition.  They are in Catalan, Spanish and English (Except for temporary exhibitions, when English is not available).

How can I find out if I am eligible for a discount on the entry price?

You can consult the list of discounts by clicking on the tab marked “Museums and art spaces” or by clicking on the “Tickets” section at the bottom of each museum and space web page.


5.- Education Service

Are the educational services intended for families or schools?

For schools, designed for the levels and syllabuses of school courses from 2 years old to 16 years old.

6.- Receive information about exhibitions and activities

I would like to be kept up to date on information about Fundació Vila Casas exhibitions and activities. What should I do?

If you would like to receive information on activities and exhibitions taking place, please fill in the form in the “Subscriptions" section or telephone +(34) 93 481 79 80 during office hours, and the latest up-dates will be sent to you by email.

7.- Human Ressources

I would like to work for the Fundació Vila Casas. What should I do?

If you would like to work for the Fundació Vila Casas, please send a CV by email to  fundacio@fundaciovilacasas.com or by post to:

Fundació Vila Casas
Departament de Recursos Humans
C/ Ausiàs Marc, 20, Ppal.
08010 Barcelona

8.- Other

How is the Fundació Vila Casas financed?

The Foundation is 100% personally financed by Antoni Vila Casas, at his own undertaking.